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Adley markets a wide range of hot melt adhesives

Aldey has specialized in hot melts since 1979. This focus and long experience enable us to offer our customers the right glue in an efficient way. The production process, the type of substrates and the temperature conditions of the final product will determine the technical selection of the hot melt glue. The basis of each hot melt is a polymer. The polymer characteristics determine to a great extent the characteristics of the glue. Adley is able to offer its customers the widest possible range with hot melt adhesives based on EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), PE (Polyethylene), APAO (Amorphous Polyalfa - Olefines), PA (Polyamide),  SBS  (Styrene - Butadiene - Styrene rubber), SIS (Styrene - Isoprene - Styrene rubber), PUR (reactive Polyurethane) en PAR (reactive Polyamide). For each application we will search for the most appropriate glue as well as for the best price/quality ratio.

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Specialty glues for industrial applications

As a result of our acquisition of Advanced Bonding Technologies S.A. in 2007, Adley has broadened its adhesive range even further. Apart from hot melt adhesives we can offer our customers cyanoacrylate glues, 2 component PU glues, 2 component Epoxy glues and MS Polymers. For cyanoacrylates and the 2 component glues we have our own filling-lines which offer us the flexibility to formulate and fill according to our customer needs.

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