Adley sells its products to industrial users of adhesives (B2B). We have been a pioneer in the introduction of hot melts in the edge-bonding of woven carpets as well as in multiple uses in the automotive industry in Belgium. Today we have customers in virtually all sector of the economy and we export more than half of our turnover.

Automotive and electronics

Adley offers a wide range of hot melt adhesives that fulfill the stringent conditions of the highly demanding automotive industry (APAO, SBS, SIS, PA, PUR, PAR). Important applications are the fixation of floor and boot carpets, seat construction and overhead fixation. We have special expertise in low pressure-moulding with polyamide (PA) to protect delicate electronic components. Our 2 component PU adhesives and MS polymers are also used in the automotive en the electronic sector.

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Carpet and textile

Adley was first in de mid 1980-ties to introduce the use of hot melts for the edge bonding of woven carpets. The products have evolved since then but Adley remains the leader in this field and sells it Carpet Glue range to carpet manufacturers worldwide. Hot melts are also intensively used for coating and laminating woven and non-woven textiles.

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Building and construction

Adley offers a special range of hot melts and application equipment that fulfill the requirements of the building and construction industry (APAO, SBS, SIS, PUR, PA). Important applications are space dividers, space fillers and fixations in the building and construction supplying industries. Our 2 Component PU adhesives and MS Polymers are also used in this sector.

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Adley has developed a special range of hot melts, tapes and strings that are used in the production of plywood and wood flooring.

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Packaging and paper

Adley has a wide range of hot melts that comply with US and European food contact regulations (EVA, APAO, PE, SBS, SIS, PA). Important applications are the closing of boxes, wrap around, set-up of fruit and vegetable trays, packaging of deep freeze goods, bag production, fresh- pack and the lamination of paper with plastic or foils. The same type of glues are used for primary and secondary packaging of paper and other goods as well as for pallet stabilization during transport.

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Matresses and bedding

Hot melts have become the technology of choice and have replaced solvent based adhesives in this application. Adley has a range of hot melts specifically developed for the construction and assembly of spring mattresses, foam mattresses and spring boxes (APAO, EVA, SIS, SBS).

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Tapes and labels

Adley has a special range of hot melt glues for the production of tapes and labels (EVA, SIS, SBS, PE, PA, Acryl) and has special expertise in the pick-up and tail glue for turret re-winders. We supply pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives for high performance applications in the medical, automotive and textile industry.

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Product assembly

Hot melt adhesives can be used in every industry where products need to be assembled in a fast and efficient way with maximum respect for health and environment. In most cases this will be in a fully automated way. We describe below only a couple of typical applications.

  • over-moulding of connectors and electronic circuits
  • bonding paper or non-wovens to PP in filter manufacturing
  • bonding paper to metal for document handling equipment
  • bonding EPS foam to wood or multiplex in safety packing
  • bonding PP for pallet production
  • bonding EPS and PS parts in air conditioning equipment
  • bonding aluminium to aluminium in automatic door production

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