Adley adds Butyl Hot Melts to its product range

With TOTALSEAL, Adley is now able to offer its customers also butyl hotmelts. These products are ideally suited for applications that require a perfect moisture or air seal. 

Butyl hotmelts are based on butyl rubber. It has outstanding adhesion to glass, aluminium, and many other materials. The product has excellent resistance to degradation from ultraviolet light, temperature changes. Butyl hotmelts are save and easy to use. 

The product can be used in a variety of applications like the sealing of glass, the sealing of light units, door panels and body panels in the automotive industry and the sealing of air and hydro ducts in general assembly. It can be applied easily in an automated production processes. 

Adley's partners for these butyl hot melts are LJF and Hutchinson, two members of the Bostik group. Adley represents Bostik already for more than 20 years in the field of polyamide (PA) and rubber based hotmelts. 

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